2014 Mercedes Benz GL550

2014 Mercedes Benz GL550 1

We all know that the Mercedes vehicles we can expect only the best, so in this case, when it comes to luxury crossover called the 2014 Mercedes Benz GL550. This model has been announced for 2014 and Mercedes has already started in advertising attacks, all in an effort to promote this unique model. Luxurious interior, modern equipment, powerful engines, beautiful design, these are just some of the features of the new model.

2014 Mercedes Benz GL550 2

2014 Mercedes-Benz SL is available in three versions GL350 BlueTEC, GL450 and GL550 with GL350 BlueTEC basic model comes with an engine power 240KS compared with 210ks power in the previous model. LED taillights are also included in the standard equipment package as is the new pairing of the fog lamps and daytime running lights, which are set together in a distinctive chrome element. Bi-xenon headlights with Active Curve Illumination and headlamp washing system are available in the optional Lighting Package. Wheeling about town or on the open road in the GL is painless, with plenty of power, and the brakes (14.8-inch discs up front, 13.6 in the rear) have more than enough bite for legal speeds. Roadholding is adequate at 0.76 g, and the steering is so light and effortless you can run it lock-to-lock with a single finger. Feel and feedback suffer, however, the electrically assisted steering displaying all the tactile response of a Ouija board planchette; Mercedes-Benz tells us its customers like it this way. Our car had the active curve system (ACS) that, at $3150, amounts to a really sophisticated anti-roll-bar setup.

2014 Mercedes Benz GL550 3

The manufacturer has released a video clip in which Federer drive this luxury crossover. The aforementioned model was introduced earlier this year, and Mercedes now moving into a marketing offensive. Together with the innovative 4MATIC all-wheel drive, standard AIRMATIC air suspension, and available Adaptive Damping System (ADS II), the impressively proportioned GL-Class demonstrates surprisingly agile handling characteristics and guarantees excellent comfort with outstanding active safety. While the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class clearly cuts a fine figure on the road, it also displays exceptional capability away from the blacktop. Making a fiscal argument for the GL550 is futile. If you have a Ford Explorer or Honda Pilot budget, clipping coupons and giving home haircuts isn’t going to make you a GL550 intender anytime soon.

2014 Mercedes Benz GL550 4

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