2014 Nissan Resonance

2014 Nissan Resonance 1

If you do not know what you can expect in the future of Nissan vehicles, like she could look in the direction they go, and more, can be found in the concept model. One of these is presented at the Detroit Auto Show, called the 2014 Nissan Resonance. Will this model enter production under this name or under the name of Murano, we’ll see about that. This is a beautiful SUV, sharp outer lines, great design, and futuristics equipped interior. I already like …

Nissan Resonance Concept

Particularly striking radiator grille with its “In-Motion” frame, and a panoramic roof that goes to the windshield and extends the entire length of the car until the end of the roof, where it ends spoiler. They liked the Resonance a lot, and were impressed to hear that it would be inspiring the creation of the next Murano SUV. Nissan says the concept makes use of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder mated with an electric motor and a continuously variable transmission (CVT); all-wheel drive also is part of the mix. The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, which can be recharged with kinetic energy captured during braking. While not specifically stated, we imagine that the Resonance’s hypothetical powertrain borrows a few ideas from Nissan’s upcoming (real) next-generation hybrid powertrain.

2014 Nissan Resonance 3

Interestingly, the rear window solution, which is designed so that it is connected with the side glass surfaces. As the rear roof rack hidden behind glass and painted in black, one gets the impression that the roof has no back support. The car most likely to be inspired by the Resonance is the new Murano the large, sporty SUV that is still sold in the US, but which was dropped from the UK line-up a couple of years ago.

2014 Nissan Resonance 2

2014 Nissan Resonance 5

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