2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara Concept

2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara Concept 1

Here is the new model from Suzuki’s car home. 2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara Concept is built on a platform concept Kizashi, which indicates the direction in which to move production of the next model in the near future. A little aggressive appearance, smooth lines, tough engines, futuristic minded interior design, it’s just something about the new model, which is already getting positive reviews.

2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara Concept 4

The decision of it have been made since last year but Suzuki is tight lip and no one out side know the decision.But most of people,including Autointrends.com are believe that they go for car base and could endup with Kizashi platform that is very capable and give the Suzuki Kizashi sedan one of the best handling sedan around. The car should have as long as the Mazda CX-7.The car will also upgrade materials and should have as good as quality of Kizashi sedan and should eventualy be flagship for Suzuki when it arrive in 2013.

2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara Concept 2

There is a good amount of headroom and backed legroom for the five-door, the space behind the three-door will be a bit restricted though. There are 2 petrol motors a 1.6 VVT with 105bhp along with a 140bhp 2.0-litre petrol. Each offer satisfactory performance and also cruise effectively at speed, but tend to suffer from a not enough pulling electrical power between 30-60mph, that makes overtaking a drawn-out extramarital relationship. A 1.9 DDIS diesel, furnished by Renault, with 130bhp grew to be available from late-2005. The first and second generation Grand Vitara is a very off road capable, build on truck based ladder frame chassis,current generation is change to “monocoque with built-in ladder frame” which give comfort and stability like modern SUV but also get rigidity like traditional off roader.

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