2015 Fiat Punto

2015 Fiat Punto 1

It’s been a while since the last presentation of the Fiat Punto, precisely 8 years, and it’s time for a successor named 2015 Fiat Punto. Little is known about the long-awaited successor, there are some pictures and details, so we will try to give you as close to describing this model, which was announced in 2015, precisely the year 2015 will be on the market. We already know what to expect from this model, and how it will look, and what kind of equipment you have, we’ll see about that.

2015 Fiat Punto 3

Fiat Punto Grande Punto as showed in the second half of 2005. Since then, he has seen more tweaking, and changing the name (also sold as the Punto Evo), and nearly eight years after the promotion. To go with the smart new appearance outside, brand new fabrics on the seats and dashboard have been used inside to give the 2015 Fiat Punto a fresher, more youthful look. Fabric with electro-welded patches to facilitate ventilation in hot weather and even a Sportex material with a hexagonal pattern similar to the front grille are available. There are also new soft touch coverings available on the dashboard. The near future, however, looks entirely different because of the rough market conditions forcing the manufacturer to come up with a new role for the successor to three generations of Punto. These three generations were actually all made with the same purpose as the very successful Uno from the eighties.

2015 Fiat Punto 2

This is a reminder that in December last year, the Italian media reported that the next generation of the Fiat Punto could be produced in Serbia, and not in Italy as the current model. To demonstrate its technical excellence, at the heart of the 2015 Punto is a revamped range of five petrol and two diesel engines. Each offers a varying degree of driveability and class-leading efficiency to ensure the new Fiat Punto is capable of satisfying all manner of demanding drivers. All engine options feature Fiat’s Start&Stop (optional on Easy 1.2) combined with a Gear Shift Indicator which suggests the best gear to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 15 per cent on an urban route. Next generation Punto and Linea will be completely new.New design which will be more attractive than the current ones. A small turbocharger was chosen to ensure maximum torque from low engine speeds. Combined with dedicated valve management, this minimises engine response times and keeps power levels high to amplify driver pleasure. The result is performance that’s approximately 25 per cent better than the 1.2-litre 8-valve engine.

2015 Fiat Punto 4

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