2015 Honda Pilot

2015 Honda Pilot 1

What was expected, it happened, Honda has announced its version of the Honda Pilot for 2015, called the 2015 Honda Pilot. Although we do not expect a major transformation of the model compared to the previous one, but now the popularity is growing rapidly. This model is particularly popular in the USA, which was sent to Honda makes great cars, while in Europe is somewhat less enthusiasm. This is a great model and probably will in many ways be better than the previous one.

2015 Honda Pilot 2

The lower part and the fog lights are redesigned, which contributes to its compact appearance. Manufacturer promises its customers that the new Honda Pilot have improved fuel economy, thanks to a six-speed transmission that replaces the previous five-point model. The most remarkable feature regarding the 2015 design is that the car will get a really modern look. There is an opinion going around that the 2013 Pilot is aworkhorse with excellent performance. However, its box shape has not found admirers. In fact, the 2013 model is supposed to have an “angry robot” look. The restyling is being done to remove this impression. So, 2015 Honda Pilot will be very different, but in what way this remains to be seen, but we will certainly get any information you transmit to you.

2015 Honda Pilot 3

The interior took place a number of changes, which are mostly related to audio and navigation system. According to our information, the 2015 Honda Pilot will have a 310 HP 265 lbs.ft and 3.5 l V6 engene with a CVT for the front wheel drive versions, and a 6 speed automatic transmission for models with all wheel drive. But with the launch of the new 2014 Acura MDX it is became clear to us that the model will be the 2015 Pilot who all look forward to. Given that it is a reliable family car that can carry up to eight people with luggage, then we can say that this is not a bad car.

2015 Honda Pilot 4

2015 Honda Pilot 5

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