2015 Volkswagen Amarok

2015 Volkswagen Amarok 1

Finally, VW decided to make a real off-roader, and we waited a long time of about 5 years, and we finally have a version that is scheduled for 2015, named 2015 Volkswagen Amarok. This heavyweight is a direct competitor American pick-up vehicles, which the Americans brought to perfection, and limit the possibilities of a vehicle against nature. Excellent and perfect model that provides a lot of opportunities, more information read below ….

2015 Volkswagen Amarok 2

Given that this is a very large and heavy vehicle, only the diesel engine two liters could it successfully drives. Currently offered only a 2.0 TDI engine producing 120 or 164 horsepower, while the petrol and more cubic capacity not provided. The Volkswagen Amarok Canyon will be present in the model pickup, which has the Orange exterior with flared wheel arches plus sized 40mm lift kit. In order to increase the sporty spirit, Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Concept provides additional lighting, electrically-deployable side steps and tinted taillights. To the exterior rear, VW made a bed made of carbon-fiber bed holds two Kayaks, coupled with a paddle attached to the tailgate as well as useful accessories for the Amarok Canyon Concept is more beautiful. At the rear there is also a carbon fiber diffuser and dual exhausts, with tinted taillights and red, white and black side decals. Among other features, and 80 mm lowered suspension and 22 ” wheels made ​​of light alloys. Volkswagen has conjointly chose to create the pickup look wider thanks to firmly 60 mm ( 2. 36-inch ) wider fenders that hide the new 22-inch wheels painted because we are part of a gunmetal shade.

2015 Volkswagen Amarok 3

Volkswagen Amarok reconcile the tastes of Europeans and Americans, this is the model that will be appealing to all global customers in this segment. Undoubtedly, the Amarok is designed to be a working mule, but the lines are very precise design and production makes clear impression of cars in a much more robust package. One must admit that black is very good. Under the hood of the Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Concept will be powered by a 2.0-liter diesel engine that can generate power output of 178 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque. Engine will be mated with a MOTION all-wheel drive system and a locking rear differential. We were completely surprised by the fact that the Volkswagen Amarok only got four stars in Euro NCAP crash safety. This is primarily the impact of large masses of vehicles in a crash significantly pressing  entire body.

Volkswagen Day out.  27th July 2012.  Photographed by Dominic Loneragan.

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